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Automatic Motorized Knife & Blade Sharpener - (IMPORTED)

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Knives or scissors will become dull if they have been used for a long time, but it's a shame to just throw them away. Now, with Swifty Sharp, you can sharpen knives and scissors instantly so that your knives and scissors are sharp and reusable.

This unique little tool , can sharpen all types of knives and scissors, does not require much time, is practical, efficient and cost-effective.



Easy of use and razor sharp precision sharpening of all knives. No need for special expertise to sharpen knives or scissors with only 1 hand you can sharpen knives or scissors. Easier and more accurate than a whetstone.


Knife sharpening will prevent your expensive kitchen knives from losing their clean, sharp edges and you from having to waste time and energy preparing your meals.Includes the original swift sharp knife sharpener and catch tray under the guide to collect metal shavings.

Size: 5.5 x 2.36 x 3.35 inch.


High-speed knife sharpening stones.Whether you're using a butcher knife to chop meat or a serrated edge to slice bread for your morning toast, you need knives that will perform with absolute precision.How many times have you used that dull knife you've had for years to slice a tomato only to end up with a pile of mush and seeds.

Don't throw out that knife! The must-have holiday gift restores the razor's edge on any blade in just seconds with precision power sharpening at a fraction of the price.


Salvage your old set of knives rather than spend a small fortune on a new set. You can sharpen all your dull knives and bring them back to their full glory. Decade-old knives have been revived in a few seconds with this versatile sharpener.