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A9 HD Battery IP Camera

A9 HD Battery IP Camera

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About This Item:

Introducing the ultimate guardian for your home, office and business – our versatile camera, offers unparalleled protection around the clock.

Meet the most wanted security device  and find out what happens around you and the importance of monitoring!

  • Use It Anywhere: In the Car, at the workplace, home, pocket, or backpack!
  • Monitoring: is a great way to make your business and home safer. It helps keep your family protected.

Full HD 1080P Resolution

Get the clear picture you want. Our mini camera records sharp and detailed 1080P HD video, ensuring every important detail is captured for security or memory.

Night Vision

Don't miss a thing, even in low light conditions. You will be able to see in real-time at night, even in complete darkness, providing clear footage in the darkest of settings. The device has a hidden design of 6 IR infrared lamps with lighting and a night vision distance of up to 6 meters.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

 Say goodbye to heavy wires and cables. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can remotely access the camera using your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected from anywhere, anytime.

Magnetic installation

Smart Cam 2.0 can be put anywhere you like using magnets. It's quick and safe. It's small and fits easily wherever you want to put it, and no one will even notice it's there. You can easily attach the camera anywhere you like using the built-in magnet and magnetic base.

Easy Installation

 Setting up the A9 Mini Camera is really easy. It's not like the old and expensive cameras that need drilling and have monthly fees. Just follow our easy instructions below, and you'll be ready in no time. You don't need to be a tech expert.

Long Battery Life

 The A9  Mini Full HD has a 1-2 hours battery life without being connected to power. Therefore, if a thief turns off the light before breaking into your property, it will continue recording and monitoring in real-time through the app on your cell phone. You can use it with a Power bank also. 

This Mini Full HD Camera Has Many Strong Functions Strong Magnetic Adsorption, Smart Wear, Personal, Home, Business Super Security Monitoring, Law Enforcement, Driving, Cycling Records With 150-Degree Recording Angle For Surveillance. It Has Night Vision And Makes a Mini Hidden Camera Able To Capture Clear Video Even In Total Darkness. Allow Wifi Connection, And It Has Own Wifi Hotspot. 


How To Use:

  • Download the V380Pro app from the APP Store or Google Play.
  • To turn on the camera, press the ON/OFF button for approximately 3 seconds.
  • Set your location and connect to the camera's Wi-Fi hotspot in your phone's WLAN settings. Alternatively, you can scan the camera's QR code and connect it to your home's 2.4GHz Wi-Fi through the App's Device Settings-Wi-Fi Config.
  • Enjoy watching the live video stream.
  • If you wish to save the video, remember to format the micro SD card before using it.

Invest in the future of smart wireless monitoring and recording. The A9 1080P Mini Camera is the perfect blend of innovation and simplicity. Elevate your security, capture life's moments, and enjoy the convenience of modern technology, all in one compact device.

Order your A9 1080P Mini Camera now and experience the power of smart wireless connectivity!

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